What is FishSpy?

Two years in development - A selection of FishSpy underwater cameras.

The marker float that streams live underwater video to your mobile device.


FishSpy is the result of two years serious graft by the Team at Total Fishing Gear, thousands of hours of development, testing and hardcore fishing – but it’s been worth it. FishSpy will change the way you fish forever.

Now for the first time you can unlock the secrets of the water and see exactly what lies beneath the surface – you can finally see what you’ve been missing.

Crystal clear images of the lakebed, live streaming the hottest fish action directly to your mobile device, rough and tough enough for you to cast over 100 metres – FishSpy is your edge.

Feature find acres of water in minutes, find the clear gravel amongst unfishable weed, locate the bloodworm filled silt beds, get your bait bang on the money and watch those indicators fly.

Stealthy no spook camo body allows you to put FishSpy right in the zone without spooking fish, while the long battery life lets you keep your secret weapon trained on your hotspot for hours.

How do fish feed? How do they react to your rigs? Prepare to see this and so much more.

FishSpy See what you’re missing

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