Introducing FishSpy – See what you’re missing.

Introducing FishSpy.

Introducing FishSpy.

We consider FishSpy to be the most exciting product ever developed for the carp angler.

FishSpy is an innovative underwater camera, and is incredibly useful for carp fishermen all over the world. Our technical team have been working intensively on this project for over 24 months, and we are certain this product is going to completely change the carp fishing world – by opening up vast potential on ultra hard waters.

Uniquely FishSpy is capable of transmitting live and recorded video direct to your smartphone or tablet with its built in Wi-Fi, up to 100 meters distance away. FishSpy retails at just £249.95 and will available from early November 2015.

We think this short introductory video speaks for itself:

Lets take a look the key features:

  • Stream live underwater footage to your phone or tablet.
  • No need for a phone or internet signal.
  • No more guessing find the perfect fishing features.
  • Check your bait is presented perfectly.
  • Watch live as fish interact with your bait.
  • Record up to 7 hours of footage onto built in hard disk.
  • Up to 4 hours battery life.
  • Up to 100 meters range.
  • Mark your key moments whilst recording.
  • Feature find without disturbing the fish.
  • Share the action along with the one that got away.

Why did we develop FishSpy?

As keen carp fishermen ourselves, FishSpy came about through a need to enhance our own fishing skills and satisfy the innate curiosity about the underwater world that all fishermen share.

We wondered how we could learn more about what goes on under the surface, and how we could apply this to catch more carp. As all carpers know, this is a tough old game and anything that gives you an edge is most welcome.

So, our brief was to create an innovative fishing product that would truly help the carp angler. Waterwolf and GoPro were available – and although fun for anglers these gadgets simply cannot increase your catch results.

From here, we thought about making a product that would instantly show you the lake bed and the fish, via a live video feed- therefore giving anglers the ability to adapt their tactics in an instant. There was clearly a gap in the market that we realised we could fill.

We then looked at applying this idea to a completely new concept of integrating a waterproof underwater camera into a marker float, and proceeded from there in developing it. There simply wasn’t anything like this out there. In fact it wasn’t even technically possible to manufacture at the time.

Field testing a FishSpy on an ultra hard UK venue.

Field testing a FishSpy on an ultra hard UK venue.

We made FishSpy prototypes fully in house, field tested and used them on a regular basis for thousands of hours, tirelessly striving to evolve and improve the product.  Two years later, this is the end result- and we believe FishSpy will change the way you fish for ever. We are proud to say FishSpy was fully developed by fishermen for fishermen, and will be manufactured in the UK. FishSpy’s tag line is ”see what you’re missing”, and this accurately sums up what this product does.


Two years in development - A selection of FishSpy underwater cameras.

Two years in development – A selection of FishSpy underwater cameras.

How can a FishSpy help you catch more fish?

The obvious thing a FishSpy can do is reveal the fish – see them swim past, and interact with your bait. Capturing a carp taking a hookbait or feeding on film is a magical experience, and knowing that fish are present in your swim before you entrench for a weekend’s fishing is a massive advantage. Don’t forget you can record and save these magic moments for future viewing, and for social media sharing.

A FishSpy underwater camera gives you an instant view of the lakes bottom, so It’s number one benefit is for feature finding. For example you will be able to find a clear gravel patch on a weed infested lake, or a patch of silt loaded up with bloodworm and therefore a prime carp feeding hotspot. Another major benefit is that FishSpy allows you to see exactly how your bait and rigs appear and interact with the lakes substrate. This allows you to immediately custom tailor your set up, not by trial and error but through real time data. Therefore you can radically improve and optimise your bait presentation with the minimum of time wasted. In comparison to traditional feature finding methods, like dragging a lead through your swim, using a FishSpy will be much less obtrusive and reduce disturbance.

We all know getting a presentation correct is the magic key to catching more carp, and with the length of time often needed to get results, FishSpy will free up more of your precious time.

Once you locate a prime area you can use it just like a traditional marker float, and aim your cast right at FishSpy. We advise you use the correct tackle, such as  50lb braid and a spod rod for best results. Don’t worry about losing your FishSpy,  as in the very unlikely event you have a crack off it will float to the surface.

A hard earned 30, from Horseshoe lake. Caught whilst field testing FishSpy.

A hard earned 30, from Horseshoe lake. Caught whilst field testing FishSpy.

Lets take a look at just how you can put a FishSpy to use:

Carp and Tench Feeding captured on film:

Use FishSpy to find hotspots:

Using FishSpy when baiting up:

As part of the development process of FishSpy, we enlisted some of the best carp anglers in the UK, to help us fine tune and tweak it, ensuring it was fully finished and ready at launch.

We presented FishSpy to Dave Lane, TF Gear and mainline baits carp fishing and tackle consultant. This is what Dave had to say – “Feature finding made easy, what has taken me a lifetime to learn, can be achieved overnight by using FishSpy – the ultimate edge!” We had a day out with Dave Lane, and shot this great video. Please watch it to find out just how effective FishSpy can be in giving you the edge.

FishSpy with Dave Lane – Live video to your mobile or tablet:

The technical stuff:

The FishSpy camera is housed inside an aerodynamic waterproof marker float that is built to withstand depths of up to 10 meters. FishSpy generates its own WiFi network, and allows you to connect to any WiFi device, be it a smart phone, tablet or even a laptop. You don’t need mobile internet signal or even standard phone signal for this to work with your device.

Video is streamed in 640 x 480 quality – a great compromise between image quality and file size. We found this to be the optimum specification for maximum streaming range and signal reliability, while still giving you an incredible view into an underwater world.

On the water’s surface FishSpy can transmit up to 100 m distance. This range is assisted by a foam ring, which helps buoy up the camera from the surface of the lake, increasing the reliability and strength of the signal. Bear in mind that usually from the surface you may not be able to see the bottom directly if it is very deep, light conditions are poor or if the water is cloudy and stained. This is where FishSpy really is ingenious – you can hit a record button on your device and wind it down very close to the lake bed for a better view.

Footage is stored on FishSpy’s generous 7 hour capacity memory card. You can then float it back up to the surface and view your recording instantly by hitting the play backbutton on your device.

You can repeat this procedure in order to cover a vast area of the lake, giving you a true insight into what is down there. Yes you really will be able to see what you’re missing!

FishSpy at the surface - giving you a live video feed to the world below.

FishSpy at the surface – giving you a live video feed to the world below.


FishSpy recording video footage fully submerged. Review instantly on the surface!

FishSpy recording video footage fully submerged. Review instantly on the surface!

You can access the data from FishSpy through a custom designed app we created  for Apples iOS system, or a web browser for Andriod operating systems. There are several great features integrated into FishSpy’s software – including an action tag, so you can mark a particular part of your video sequence, allowing for quick location when playing back at a later time. You can play back and delete any recordings you wish there and then, and any recording you choose to keep can be easily downloaded when you connect your FishSpy to a PC or laptop back home – by simply dragging and dropping the files. Battery life is up to 3 hours, and FishSpy can be easily charged back up using a standard micro USB port, just like a vast array of modern devices from kindle to android phones.

Some FishSpy screen shots from the Apple iOs app.

Some FishSpy screen shots from the Apple iOs app.

To cast FishSpy, simply rig up and attach to your fishing line just like a regular marker float. A boom is also included with the package, which allows you to wind right down to the lake bed.

How to attach a FishSpy and technical specs.

How to attach a FishSpy and technical specs.


Watch this great FishSpy tutorial video that explains everything you need to know:

How much can I buy a FishSpy camera for, and where can I get one?

A FishSpy underwater camera unit costs only £249.95. A FishSpy underwater camera unit is £249.95 retail. We think this is incredible value for a technologically advanced fishing product of this type.

Carp anglers spend more and invest more money than any other group of fishermen on their fishing tackle collection.

Lets look at just a few items carp anglers typically spend their money on each year, which really puts the price of a FishSpy unit in perspective.

1. Set of 3 x Daiwa Tournament Basia QD reels: £1289.97
Scope ops bedchair: £369.99
3. Annual bait cost: £500.
Waverunner bait boat: £649.99
Set of 3 x Nash siren alarms & remote: £459.96
Trakker Trident AS bivvy: £459.99

Let’s not forget the cost of our syndicate, rod licenses and day ticket fees – when you combine that and your week’s carp fishing holiday to France you are looking at thousands of pounds extra each year. The true value of FishSpy will become obvious when your carp catches radically improve – this is an investment for the future, not just a short term toy that you will get bored of. FishSpy camera units will be available from early November 2015.

FishSpy - available from the end of October 2015.

FishSpy – available from the end of October 2015.

Find your UK dealer here:

We plan to have Europe wide distribution of this product in the very near future, so continental carpers need not fear missing out on this fantastic product.
If you wish to be a dealer please contact us via email on or telephone 0871 911 7045.

Future developments?

We are currently working on other exciting applications that FishSpy could be used for – for example as a dead bait float for pike fishing and for river fishing coarse applications.
There are plenty of exciting future developments underway to make FishSpy an even more useful addition your tackle armory. Many more innovative accessories will be made available for this unique product in the near future. For example a bait boat adapter is in development.

FishSpy - it's a whole new world down there.

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