How to download FishSpy video direct to your mobile phone

A question we get regularly asked is how to get FishSpy footage off the camera for social media sharing, or for viewing without having the camera connected via it’s WiFi network.

The conventional way to do this is to connect your FishSpy to a laptop or desktop PC and drag and drop the files.

However this is not always practical, as we usually have a mobile phone or tablet with us when carp fishing, but very rarely a laptop, let alone a PC.

There is however a way to transfer video files direct to your Android powered device, without the need to take your FishSpy home to a PC. You can then edit, upload or watch them at your leisure, even in your bivvy. This guide will show you how to easily transfer FishSpy video to your mobile phone or tablet.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Get hold of a USB to Micro USB adapter – so you can plug your FishSpy direct into your android phone. These are readily available from ebay for just a few pounds.

USB to Micro USB adapters -available on ebay

USB to Micro USB adapters – available on ebay.

2. Connect FishSpy to your phone using the adapter. Note: Ensure the USB lead supplied with FishSpy is plugged directly into the camera, with the adapter section going into the micro USB socket on the phone – see image below.

Connect Fishspy in this way to your adapter.

Connect FishSpy in this way to your adapter.

3. When connecting you should see the red light flash briefly on the FishSpy. Your android phone should then automatically pick up FishSpy as an external storage device, much as it would if connected to a PC or external SD card.

We you connect fishSpy, your phone should recognise it as an external storage device.

When you connect FishSpy, your phone should recognise it as an external storage device.

4. Use an aftermarket app (plenty are available on google play) to locate and the transfer the video files to your phones internal memory or SD card.  We like to use ‘File commander’ but there are many others that work in a similar way.

Screen shots taken from an Android phone via the file commander app.

Screen shots taken from an Android phone using the file commander app.

5. Disconnect Fishspy, then locate and watch your videos. Note: Not all default Android device video players support the .avi format that FishSpy videos are made in. The solution is to pre-install VLC video player for android, which works perfectly for playing FishSpy videos.

Screenshot showing FishSpy footage on VLC player app.

Screenshot showing FishSpy footage on VLC player app.

6. You can now share your video by uploading to Facebook or YouTube! In the case of facebook this is dead easy, Facebook should find the FishSpy video right away when you select ‘photo/video’ when you post. Like-wise, when using your built in YouTube app, uploading is very easy and intuitive.

8. Edit your FishSpy footage – It is well worth editing FishSpy recordings so you can post up a small chunk of interesting stuff. A smaller file is also quicker to upload. This is a bit harder on a mobile than on a PC but it can be done. First you may need to covert your FishSpy video into the Mp4 format, because most Android film editing apps do not support this format. Video Converter or a similar app can do this .

Once converted to Mp4 you can then use numerous video editing apps available on google play, which allow you to cut out the best footage. We have used video editor but there are many others that work well.

Will it work on my phone or tablet?

We tested this successfully on all of the major brands, including Sony, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo and Asus. We cannot guarantee that it will work for every Android device on the market, but there is a very good chance it will! Please be aware this will not work with Apple. Why? Apple software is closed source and notoriously hard to work with, unlike Android.

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Happy sharing!

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