Horseshoe Lake FishSpy Footage

A selection of underwater FishSpy footage from The Carp Society Horseshoe lake!

Snag found in swim – It always pays to run a FishSpy through your spot before fishing.

PVA mesh bag with boilies – find out how your bait will sit on the bottom you are fishing on.

Check out your swim before fishing – simply cast out your FishSpy on record, then review your footage there and then on the bank.

Clay rubbing spot – It’s a known phenomenon that carp (for whatever reason) like to rub themselves in clay. This spot on the Horseshoe lake is regularly noted for sightings of ‘clayed up’ carp’. A FishSpy was cast out, and the clay bottom with markings from visiting carp was revealed!

Deep water swim mapping in winter bay.

A silty area on Horseshoe – a perfect place to lay the traps?

To see more FishSpy underwater camera footage, head over to our YouTube channel.

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