FishSpy YouTube Footage Spring 2017

Across the land Carp fisheries are finally waking up and anglers are getting out there with their FishSpy cameras.

We recently came across the following FishSpy YouTube clips – you can watch them in full below! If you have any footage you wish to share, post it on YouTube and drop us a Facebook message! You could be featured on the FishSpy blog as part of this post.

Steve Barrett – Short footage, in a very murky lake, around 6.5ft of water. Visibility is around 1ft off the bottom

Paddy Flint – After finding a bit of a clear spot in a very weedy lake, I thought I would film the rig delivery (it’s not accuracy, it’s not a long cast!)

Squigs – New water main Swim at approx. 50yds with FishSpy

Rich Sainty – FishSpy 4′ off white marker opposite peg 5 – white pop up is mine

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