FishSpy Firmware Update – Version 1.0

Firmware Update 1.0 – Low Visibility Black and White Mode

This update will enable your FishSpy to use a “black and white mode” allowing for better contrast in low-light conditions.

How to do it?

You will need a desktop PC or laptop running Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, your FishSpy camera and the USB cable that was supplied with it. Then simply follow the steps below. (N.B the screenshots in this guide were taken on a PC running Windows 7). This update will not work with an Apple Mac computer.

Stage 1 – Download the Firmware folder, which can be found here: This contains the installation software and the firmware file itself (In the .DFU format). Check your downloads folder for the files, which will be download as a zip folder.

Inside the zip folder

Inside the zip folder.

Stage 2 – Extract the files from the folder. We recommenced you put the .DFU file somewhere you can easily find it, e.g your desktop. Then run the update software by double clicking it.

Run the installer software.

Stage 3 – The installer software will add an a FishSpy upgrade tool to your PC – look for the icon on your desktop or start menu. Open this up, and you should get the window as pictured below.

Fishspy Upgrade window

Stage 4 – Now connect your FishSpy. Make sure it is switched off, and you are using the USB cable supplied with the FishSpy

Stage 5 – Quickly turn the collar of you FishSpy to the on position – make sure you do this just after you plug it in, between 0.5 and 2.5 seconds after you make the connection with the USB cable.

Stage 6 – Your PC should now pick up your FishSpy; the firmware upgrade tool will appear as shown below. Should your PC not recognise the FishSpy when you do this, look for the driver manually and install it. The default location will be C:\Program Files (x86)\BVG-Airflo\FishspyFirmwareUpgrade\Driver for a windows PC.

Fishspy Upgrade - connectedStage 7 – Click ‘upgrade firmware’. At this point, your computer will prompt you to find and then select the .DFU file. This will have been in with the original download, so look for it wherever you put it (e.g your desktop). Select it, double click and the firmware update will run. Do not worry – your stored videos will not be erased by the process!

Stage 8 – You will get a prompt which says ‘programming complete’. You can then disconnect your FishSpy. Go into the FishSpy settings. You should then find the low light mode mode, as shown below. When You select this your FishSpy will display and record in black and white, giving you greater visibility in poor light conditions.

Select low visibility mode (example Android phone)

Select low visibility mode (example Android phone)

Low light screen shot

Low light screen shot.

Please note:
For black and white mode to work on Apple products, FishSpy must be used via a browser not the App. To use in a browser (e.g Safari) follow the set up for Andriod phones as detailed in the FishSpy instructions.

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