2017 FishSpy Carp fishing Shows and events

The FishSpy team are pleased to announce we will be attending a number of the UK and Europe’s leading carp fishing tackle shows during the early part of 2017.

shows-2017aThe unique FishSpy camera is one of the biggest products to ever hit the carp fishing scene – there simply hasn’t been anything like this before! So naturally we appreciate you might want to take a closer look at the innovative underwater camera that is becoming an essential bit of kit for carp anglers.

Therefore FishSpy will be on the road this winter and spring, giving you a perfect opportunity to try and buy before the carp fishing season kicks off. So why not come along and see what you’re missing ?

show-2Thinking about buying one, but can’t decide?

Seeing FishSpy first hand will truly open your eyes to what this ground breaking device can offer carp anglers. Discover exactly how it can improve your carp fishing and give you insights you had never dreamed of.

You will be able to speak to FishSpy’s inventors, meet the TF Gear development team, see many examples of actual FishSpy footage and on selected shows talk with Dave Lane, one of the UK’s foremost carp anglers who has been heavily involved in the intensive field testing of this product.

We will be able to answer all of your FishSpy questions and will have plenty of the cameras on hand for you to test and take a much closer look at. FishSpy underwater cameras and accessories will also be available to purchase from ourselves at each show at the new price of £129.95.

In running order, the 2017 FishSpy shows are:

Brentwood carp show

brentwoodDates: 28th & 29th January, The Brentwood center, Essex.

Packed full of exhibitors from all of the top carp fishing tackle brands, the Brentwood carp show is firmly established as a winter favourite.  Make sure you check this show out – what else it there to do in January anyway!?

For more information and ticket prices click here.

Carp Reims France
Dates: 25th and 26th February, Reims.

The biggest French carp show of 2017! French anglers will be able to see and purchase FishSpy at this huge European carp show.

We feel FishSpy will be of enormous use to French specialist carpers, so this is simply unmissable if you are a French angler looking to give yourself the edge.

For more information and ticket prices click here.

Carpin’ On 2017

Dates: 11th & 12th March, Five lakes resort, Essex.

After 16 years running, Carpin’ On is the UK’s #1 carp fishing exhibition, covering all aspects of carp angling and bringing all the biggest tackle brands together under one roof!

Over 90 exhibitors, outdoor demos and displays and the best entertainment line up of all the UK shows including live forums, slide shows and tell-all interviews from leading anglers. This is your chance to meet the FishSpy experts and learn about using a Fishspy camera!

For more information and ticket prices click here.

 The Northern Angling Show
northern-anglingDates: 1st – 2nd April 2017, Event City, Manchester.

This is the 5th year of the huge Northern Angling show, and a first appearance for FishSpy in this part of the country! A great opportunity for carp anglers based in the north of the UK to get to grips with FishSpy up close.

The NAS has grown bigger and bigger each year and now boasts the highest footfall of any UK carp show. This year is set to have a record attendance.

For more information and ticket prices click here.

The Big One
Date: April 8th and 9th, Farnborough Hants.

Fishface promotions bring you THE BIG ONE! With well over 180 exhibitors, as the name suggests this is simply the largest UK carp show of 2017. This year will see the exhibition jam packed with carp fishing celebs and top tackle marques- just in time for launching your full-on spring carp angling  campaign!

For more information and ticket prices click here.

See you there!
The FishSpy team

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